They finally fixed it after the Olympics (and dozens of Marcia Gay Harden projects).

4 Insane Examples of Overzealous Internet Censorship

#4. A Christian News Site Renames an Olympian

We can remember athlete Tyson Gay for a few reasons. First off, we could remember him for being an Olympic medalist who, as a world champion track and field runner, has achieved more in his 30 years on Earth than most of us achieve in the totality of our lives … or, we can remember that one occasion when One News Now — the Internet news wing of the Christian fundamentalist group the American Family Association — saw the filtering technology on its website remove the athlete’s offending last name and redub him as “Tyson Homosexual” during the Olympic trials in 2008.

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When is society going to wise up and listen to the experts at the Syfy Channel?

5 (Thankfully) Extinct Giant Versions of Modern Animals

#5. Megapiranha taranensis, the giant piranha

That is Megapiranha, which lived 8 to 10 million years ago in the rivers of South America and grew to a meter in length, four times that of the cow skeletonizers of today. And if it ever finds out we gave it a lazy-ass name like “megapiranha,” it’ll find a way to revive itself and tear us to shreds in one or two bites.

See, not only was Megapiranha huge, but its bite was among the strongest in history, with a force-to-body-weight ratio unmatched by even the mightiest dinosaur. Whereas modern-day piranhas peak at a bite force of 70 pounds, a Megapiranha is estimated to have bitten with a force of 1,000 pounds.

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